Terms of Services

General Terms and Conditions for all Pricefox Subscriptions

Subscriptions are non-cancelable and non-returnable. You may cancel your pre-approved payment from your PayPal account, but no refunds will be paid on any remaining subscription period.

If you cancel your Subscription from your PayPal account, your Pricefox account will no longer run after the expired date of this subscription.

An internet connection is required to use and manage software licensed on a subscription basis. Without an internet connection, your software may stop running.

Monthly Subscription

Your monthly subscription for Pricefox products will start when we confirm your payment and will continue for a period of thirty days. When you purchase a monthly subscription, auto-renew is automatically selected in your Pricefox Account. At the end of the monthly subscription period, you will automatically billed for an additional subscription term of 30 days. If you do not wish your subscription to auto-renew, you may cancel your Subscription from your PayPal account.