Researching Services

A new feature has already been added on Pricefox and this is Competitor Research.

Pricefox offers to its clients the option to research their eBay competitors and find hot & active listings that they have been sold at least once time.

Competitor Research gives you valuable information about your competitor (total active listings with sales, feedback score, registration site, mean price value), as well analytical information about the active or completed listings with sales. This analytical table includes information such as current price of each listing, total quantity sold, watchers, start-end date and the sales of the last 30 days for each listing.

An other option that Pricefox’s Competitor Research offers to their clients is the Search Google by image for each one of your competitors listings!!
That means that you can find easily and really fast your competitors’s supplier and decide if the item is profitable or not!!

PS: Next feature that Pricefox team is working on and it will be ready into the next weeks is the Keyword Research.

For more information about Pricefox’s Competitor Research press here.