Protection Services

VERO and duplication of eBay listings are two cases which every dropshipper wants to avoid.

Pricefox protects you for both of them. It offers VERO protection and Duplicate protection too.

Let’s talk about VERO protection first.
VERO (Verified Rights Owner Program) allows owners of intellectual property (IP) rights and their authorized representatives to report eBay listings that may infringe on those rights. Pricefox from its side now, protects its clients of using an item that violates this VERO list*. That means whenever a user tries to fetch a VERO item on Pricefox Lister, system informs the user that item’s Brand belongs to this VERO list. Pricefox uses supplier’s title and description for this checking and it looks for these VERO Brands. Of course and the user can avoid this notification and continues the process of the listing.

*VERO list: Pricefox uses this list directly from eBay, but every reported, from Pricefox’s users, Brand is added to this list.

The second protection is about Duplicate listings policy. At it is known, eBay doesn’t allow more than one fixed price listing of an identical item at the same time, from the same seller. For this reason system informs the user who tries to fetch a duplicate listing on Pricefox Lister. Pricefox uses three different checks. The first one is about user’s eBay active list, where Pricefox checks if the same title exists. The second one is about user’s repricer table, where Pricefox checks if the same supplier url exists. And the last one is about user’s draft list, where Pricefox checks if the same supplier url exists too. The last check is more for those users who use multiple VAs and who they want to have a better control of avoiding duplicate listings. As VERO notifications, the user can always avoid them and continues the process of the listing.