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Posted By : George Glaros
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Just wondering if anyone noticed that Home depot raises some of their item price if you use the .Dropshipping tool going to fulfill an order today and I checked the price before going to top cashback, closed the window. Used topcashback and then the price was higher by almost repricer.I closed all windows, re-opened it again, cleared the cookies, Opened a new window stock monitor and just went straight to Home depot for the item and got it at the lower price again.I know I have issues with Walmart when I use free dropshipping tool (they cancel my orders). Is anyone having any noticeable .I have a customer who’s asking for free dropshipping tool “shipping information” and not sure what more to say. Background: when he purchased software from me on ebay, the shipping summary says Free Tracking Bulk Shipping via UPS with an arrival of 2-9 days. I had to switch to a different supply to fulfill order, who didn’t provide a tracking number. However, I did get an e-mail saying the package went out yesterday with an estimated arrival date, which I shared with my customer. He asked again for shipping information. 

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