Listing Services

It was NEVER easier than now with the new Pricefox lister.
Bulk Lister is available too!!

Anyone can upload SEO & Quality listings using Pricefox’s listing services.

List from one of the 150+ supported suppliers from United States, United Kingdom and China.

The only that the user has to do is to set up his listing settings once and then copy & paste a url of these supported suppliers.

Pricefox Lister offers a tons of features:

  1. Suggested Keyword and Long Tails Keywords for creating a SEO title
  2. Auto Suggest for the Category
  3. Store Category Selection (eBay API allows to select a store category that does not include any sub-categories)
  4. Images Editor (offers quick editing options too)
  5. Duplicate Images to 12 if your supplier has less images
  6. Default Listing Settings
  7. Item Specifics Auto Fill
  8. SEO Templates with hidden meta keywords for better optimization and higher ranking
  9. Save to Drafts Option*

The user can list either by himself or using Pricefox VA services, for giving limited access to his virtual assistant.

Listing History is also available and it’s very useful for the user, because it gives important information, like the amount of the listings that made via Pricefox Lsiter, the date that these listings been made, the specific VA who made this listing, and finally the way that this listing made (single or bulk).

*Drafts gives the opportunity to the user or to his VA to edit the listings that belongs to this draft list. With this way the user can control his VA or make any last changes that the listing maybe needs.  Furthermore, whenever a listing fails to be uploaded on eBay from the lister, it comes to the drafts for saving all the work that the user or the VA made. From Drafts user can bulk upload up to 19 listings.

Bulk Lister is available on Pricefox too, and it gives you the opportunity to list your supplier’s search pages too!! List now more than 1000 listings in less than 1 hr on the background!!


For more information about Pricefox’s Listing Services press here.