Is Dropshipping on eBay Dead? [THE TRUTH]

Hello guys, this is George Karamal, CEO of Pricefox, and i’d like to share my thoughts with all of you about dropshipping’s future on eBay.

I read daily on dropshipping groups and communities your concerns about dropshipping on eBay and that the sales reduced from 28th of April. From all these posts and comments, only one comment described the situation at whole. That comment said that dropshipping is dying. It’s not dead, but it’s dying. That’s the truth!! So we have to analyze the situation and see what we have to do for stoping that!!

Before starting the analysis, i would like to tell you some things about me.
I started dropshipping 5 years ago, when dropshipping was growing up. Those days there was not the competition that nowadays there is. There were not software about listing, monitoring or researching items, for saving our time and put our business in auto pilot. We made our job manually, so that made us strong dropshippers and differentiate us from the next dropshippers who followed us. We had to know how eBay works and find solutions to all these problems, which nowadays are considered to be obvious. That made us more capable to appraise the today situation, not such as all these nowdays “Gurus”, who their ultimate goal is to direct you to their courses or to their affiliate links.

Let’s analyze now the today situation.
As i have already referred the problem started on 28th of April. That was the day when eBay announced the Spring Seller Update. An update that its main goal is to match the listings in their new eBay catalogues. That’s the main reason of our problem but not the only one. The second one is the misleading item location of our listings. Both of these reasons come mainly from Amazon’s side. And let me explain you what exactly i mean.

Matching dropshipping products on eBay catalogues means that if we use Branded products from Amazon we have two solutions:
First one is to match our listings with these catalogues, which means to stay beside our competitors and almost nullify our profits.
Second one is to make our listings unique with SEO methods. But even with this option we have to face the second reason of our problem, which is the item location.
As we know Amazon uses multiple warehouses for shipping their products, which is catastrophic for our dropshipping business based on eBay’s new policies.

So what are the solution that i personally recommend?

There are so many dropshipping friendly suppliers that you can communicate, ask them for a cooperation and more details about them (such as from where they ship, for avoiding eBay’s flag) and actually use them. The sooner you do that, the more ready you will be from the competition!!

So the full truth that hides you is that dropshipping from Amazon dies!!

With Regards
George, CEO of Pricefox