False OOS on GTC listings and How to correct them quickly

Pricefox guarantees to remove or reduce to the minimum all these false OOS cases. But whenever we are talking about monitoring and especially for scraping (that’s the method that Pricefox uses for grabbing the information of the supported suppliers), there will always be some minor exceptions. 

So what do you have to do in these exceptions?

First of all it is a waste of time to try to fetch again the product via Pricefox, because system will check it again after a while and it will restore the item back In Stock.

That you have to do is to Bulk Update the quantities of these GTC products and restore them quickly back In Stock.
How to do that?
Just mark all these false OOS products from your Pricefox repricing table and then click “Update Settings”

Then select the tab “Update quantity”, select the preferred quantities for these marked products and finally update them instantly.

After that all these false OOS products would have been restored back In Stock!!