Control and Track your supplier’s stock automatically and avoid the OOS (Out Of Stock) cases with PriceFox. Edit or end your listings on PriceFox. Use the unique Pricefox Lister. Competitor Research. 

Set up your PriceFox settings with unique special options, multiple formulas, and let PriceFox to check and reprice your eBay listings automatically. Your inventory and the prices are adjusted automatically and synchronized with your suppliers. Set rules to control your listings availability and prices on eBay. Set different strategies for Amazon, FBA and 3rd Party Sellers—compete with or ignore specific sellers and choose how you wish to compete. We have implemented built-in safety features as standard which protect you. Create a unique formula for each supplier. Make eBay play by your rules with our lightning fast repricing capabilities. Combined with our secure and safe system, Price-Fox offers you the best eBay Repricing tool on the market.

More than 150 supported suppliers for US and UK supported on PriceFox.,, Walmart (Variation Included), AliExpress (Variation Included), Vidaxl, Sears & Kmart are some of them!!

Bulk Update for your repricing settings offers you the opportunity to bulk revise the whole formula or some of your formula’s repricing parameters, such as the profit or the quantity for example. Also PriceFox offers Force Check till 19 listings for making any revisions.

But PriceFox is much more than an eBay repricerEdit and revise your listings through PriceFox without visiting your eBay account. Revise the title, images or also end the listing through Price-fox.

Pricefox Lister is a SEO lister that helps you to upload your eBay listings fast and with quality. Optimize now your title, edit your listing’s images, choose from our SEO templates with Pricefox Lister.

PriceFox also offers a new and with results directly from eBay’s database Competitor Research. The results are about Active Listings with Sales or Completed – Ended listings with Sales. Shortly Keyword Research will be available too!!

PriceFox is 100% compatible with Black Lister and really soon the new version of BL will be included on PriceFox with the current pricing plans!!

PriceFox is an eBay Compatible Application