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Hi. It was discussed here many times opens a case (haven’t recieved item). Shipped by amz logistics. What exactly should I do? SOme people say ebay doesn’t recognized such delivery. The Dropshipping forum you can show a creenshot. Sometimes they do refund, sometimes don’t. Ebay buyers dropshipping forum all the time.

I bought a few dropshipping courses and they all were crap. I listened to Marc video about crack head should Amazon from their dealer to resell, and he was absolutely right. Dropshipping is highly competitive right now. These gurus are selling $100k per month on ebay and the only profit they make is 2% cash back every 6 months. Why would they show you how to make money in this business.
It seem to me, the best way to make money now is to sell courses and set up monthly subscription software.

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