Checking & Repricing Services

There are features and features that can be added on an eBay software like Pricefox.
But the most important feature could not be anything else that Checking & Repricing!!

As dropshippers we know that there is nothing worse than a not reliable and safe repricer.
And for this reason we created a STABLE and RESPONSIBLE Repricer which can monitor your listings every 2-3 hrs in real time and make any updates automatically!!
Pricefox uses the latest technology system of scraping, for grabbing the information for its clients from more than 150 supported suppliers.
System gives to the user full report from these grabbed information that called “lastinstance” and it’s located on the Last Status column.
Also, there is full report about user’s repricing history (lifetime).

From Repricer Table, user can Import his eBay listings via CSV, make repricing updates to these listings bulk or to each one separately, Remove Listings from the repricing table only, Pause the monitoring of each one or more.

User has to set up his Repricing Settings once and Import his listings on his repricing table. Let the rest to Pricefox and forget the Out Of Stock cases and not profit items!!

Pricefox offers extra features for some of the major suppliers, such as the support of variation & the shipping cost (press here for more).
Special Options are offered for Amazon (com and uk) & Walmart.

For Amazon, these Special Options include:

  1. Fetching Method (target link, lowest prime, lowest new, lowest used, lowest overall, buybox)
  2. If user is Prime Member or not (this affects the shipping cost of Prime’s items and the availability of Amazon Exclusive products)
  3. Add on Protection
  4. Pandry Protection

For Walmart, these Special Options include:

  1. Third Party Protection Choice 


For more information about Pricefox’s Checking & Repricing press here.