Bulk Services

Pricefox offers some important Bulk Services which help users to save time and of course money.

  1. The first and most simple bulk option, that a Pricefox user meets, is on his Pricefox Active List. There the user can select as many listings he wants and Bulk End them from his eBay account.
  2. Second bulk option is on user’s Draft list. User can save the listings from Pricefox Lister to his drafts and there can select up to 19 listings and Bulk List them with just one click (Beta)
  3. The next bulk option is on user’s Repricer table. There the user meets 4 more different bulk options which can use. The first bulk option is about Bulk Import listings on the repricer via CSV file. The second one is that he can select as many listings he wants and Bulk Remove them from the repricer table (and not from his eBay Active List). The third option is to select up to 19 listings and Force Check them, which means to Bulk Fetch the suppliers’ urls of these selected listings, and make any updates that system maybe finds. The last and most important bulk option, that user meets there, is the Bulk Update of his repricing settings such as the whole formula (or some fields of it), the default quantities, or to increase or decrease the current profits of these selected listings.
  4. The next bulk option belongs on user’s settings and especially on listing details. There the user can Bulk Import UPC/EAN and use them on Pricefox Lister for creating a SEO listing.
  5. The last bulk option is Bulk Lister, that is available on Pricefox too, and it gives you the opportunity to list your supplier’s search pages too!! List now more than 1000 listings in less than 1 hr on the background!!